Bavarian Nordic

GMP Validated FACS Data Management

We have successfully delivered a GMP validated custom FACS data management system to the quality control (QC) laboratories at Bavarian Nordic, based on the Scifeon data management platform.

Bavarian Nordic has replaced several very complex Excel templates and elaborate manual data processing with a customized Scifeon system that provides:

  • improved flexibility and power in experimental designs
  • automated data processing, significantly improving efficiency and reducing the risk of errors
  • stronger analytics, without the need for manually compiling data from different Excel files
  • electronic signatures and document filing

Why Scifeon

It’s a challenge to implement a data management system, and customization of the system to match your specific workflows and needs is key. This is exactly the idea behind Scifeon, which is built as a development platform focused on enabling do novo customization, not trying to force your laboratory processes into a pre-existing scaffold.

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MS-Omics is a service provider of metabolomics and data analysis. They carry out advanced data analysis for scientific customers internationally and specialize in extensive characterization of biological samples. MS-Omics processes large amounts of data from raw GC-MS and LC-MS files and carry out advanced multivariate data analysis.

Data driven research naturally calls for next generation data management. We are thrilled to provide it.

We work in close collaboration with MS-Omics to improve their data management using the Scifeon™ platform. MS-Omics will obtain next generation sample management, fast quality monitoring and easy drill down analysis, thus giving easy access to detailed data from the first overview.