Setting up a FACS experiment

Omed BioScience use Scifeon for many aspects of their lab work, data management, and analysis. They use the laboratory workflow and experiment interface of Scifeon to guide the lab technicians perform the experiment correctly and keep track of both experiment data and samples.

Now, they would like to setup a range of FACS experiments through Scifeon. This can be done in several ways with different benefits and drawbacks:

For one-time experiments, Omed BioScience use the built-in Electronic Lab Notebook (ELN) in Scifeon: This allows for an easy experiment setup which can be expanded and adapted to the scientists' needs by adding additional steps, samples, and results through the intuitive interface.

For more intricate experiments with multiple steps, or experiments that are to be repeated with small changes, Omed BioScience use the Excel Experiment Designer. This module allows for experiment workflows to be designed in Excel and then imported to the Scifeon database.

Omed BioScience believe they will be performing many more FACS experiments in the future and would like Scifeon to be able to read the FACS output files directly. Thus, they use a custom Scifeon application capable of creating the entire experiment workflow with a single click, use saved SOPs to define experiment parameters, and directly load .csv files from the FACS machines.

If you would like to know more about using Scifeon, or try it out for yourself, visit the Documentation Site.