Omed BioScience

The fictitious company Omed BioScience is modernizing operations by using Scifeon as an electronic notebook and workflow management system.

Scientist and Lab Technician Demos

Omed BioScience carries out a wide range of different experiments every day. To keep the workflow going they use Scifeon for experiment setup, data management, and analysis.

    Programming Demos

    Many experiments performed at Omed BioScience require complex database structures or large-scale data handling capabilities. They manage these issues by building custom elements in Scifeon.



    Scifeon is all about providing scientists with better informatics on a day-to-day basis. It is the next generation of research data management software specifically developed for scientists by scientists. Scifeon is quite simply developed to fit the needs and requirements of the end-users by having four essential elements imbedded in its software DNA

    We provide scientists with data management systems and consulting for pharmaceutical and biotech research.

    We offer unprecedented agility, flexibility and convenience to make a powerful alternative to Excel as your favorite research data management tool.
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