Digital Transformation

  • Effective Process Development Data Accessibility and Analysis 
  • Specializing in Biomanufacturing, including Fermentation 
  • Tailor made IT systems (ELN, LIMS and others) based upon process analysis as a consulting service
  • Very well suited for all kinds of laboratory, scientific and research work

Scifeon is a proud partner in the CARE (Corona Accelerated R&D in Europe) consortium, providing the data management platform for some of the world’s leading universities and pharmaceutical companies as they search for treatment options for COVID-19. Read more


Scientific Data Management
all-in-one Cloud Solution

Scifeon is a software platform enabling your company to digitalize your research department. A digital lab assistant for scientists, it collects and organizes your research data in a cloud database for easier processing, better collaboration and faster results.

Highly customizable R&D platform

The Scifeon core is an adaptable research environment built around an ELN to record all aspects of experimentations

Science Informatics add-ons

Scifeon allows you to customize your own research platform, connecting the ELN to a range of inventory and analysis add-ons

Development Kit + Integrations

Scifeon is able to integrate with tools and software, and makes it easy to collaborate and share your research workspaces

How we're different

Highly customizable

Scifeon is built as a development platform first as ability to match your workflows is critical for the implementation success of a data management system. With Scifeon, your lab is not forced into a pre-defined workflow scaffold.
Our promise

Low implementation risk due to verified agile processes

Scifeon is setup instantly in the Microsoft Azure cloud, and with streamlined onboarding procedures you can have your custom system up in weeks - not months or years.
Easy to use and adapt

Cloud Data Management made by Scientists for Scientists

Scifeon is a flexible research platform built with life science, biotechnology and pharmaceutical companies in mind, yet can also be used by academic organisations.

What our customers are saying

“Scifeon has been a life-saver in a big project where we needed a tailor-made Data Management System. I will definitely choose them again!”

Bent Petersen, Ph.D.
Associate Professor, University of Copenhagen
“We were impressed by Scifeon because their Data Management System was more flexible to incorporate our specific needs.”

Research Scientist, Genetic Engineering Customer
"We have been very impressed by the Scifeon experience so far. The implementation process was fast and efficient with everything done online. Despite the physical distance, the Scifeon team in Copenhagen worked closely with our team in San Francisco to ensure a smooth build of our system. The result is a data management platform that has been customized to our workflows with full integration of our requests."
Jim McGuire, Ph.D.
Senior Director, Translational Research Catalyst Bioscience
”While some of our staff were still struggling with our previous solution after using it for over a year, they are finding Scifeon immediately useful and easy to understand.”
Hans Genee, Ph.D.
Chief Science Officer, Biosyntia

Dedicated Tech Support

Scifeon provides technical support to give your company a smooth and frictionless experience in getting started. We have an extensive documentation site and host training sessions to aid adaptation in collaborative teams.

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