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The ubiquitous pile of Excel files serving as a research result “database” clearly demonstrates the failure of current assay data management systems in offering sufficient flexibility to match the requirements of scientific research.
Commercial research as well as academic research have a great need for a new generation of research data management software that not only manages data effectively, but does so without constraining research workflows and data analysis; otherwise, scientists will continue to be forced to rely on Excel for data management.

Scifeon for...


Scifeon is built to assist you, including:

  • Planning and coordination laboratory research
  • Setup and collecting raw data from instruments
  • Data calculations and analysis – manual or automated
  • Reporting and sharing data with colleagues

For these purposes, Scifeon functionality includes

  • Workflow management, including experiment and ordering
  • Managing plates, samples, animals, instruments etc.
  • Customized result storage
  • Electronic laboratory notebook (ELN)

Scifeon emphasizes convenience by customization – a system that actually fits your workflows provides better productivity support, ensures better data quality and is not an extra chore, so that you can spend your time doing research rather than operating obscure IT systems.

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Software Engineers and Scientific Programmers

Scifeon is a platform for creating customized research data management systems. It provides the best of both worlds: The fast implementation with less effort of a standard systems combined with the convenience, productivity support and data quality benefits of a custom solution.

Key-points for you as a software developer:

  • A platform with components matching laboratory research
  • Apps written in modern JavaScript or TypeScript with HTML using the Scifeon Software Development Kit SDK
  • Custom DevOps pipelines for testing and deploying custom apps
  • Hosted in the cloud or on-premises

Thus, when customizing Scifeon, you need only spend your time on the features specific to the research in your organization. Customization can be done in different ways, suitable for software engineers as well as scientists with macro/scripting experience.

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Why Scifeon?

The innovation behind Scifeon comes from many years of hands-on experience with pharmaceutical research and laboratory work. Scifeon is made from six principles that are essential for contemporary scientific research software:









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