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Development & Manufacture of Mammalian And Microbial-Based Therapeutic Proteins

AGC Biologics

The Downstream Process Development department at AGC Biologic’s Danish laboratory facilities began collaborating with Scifeon on a software tool to help them improve their digital data handling.

The drive behind AGC Biologics seeking a solution for data management was the practical question of time and data integrity. Before Scifeon, data management had certain issues:

  • pen and paper was used to handle and keep track of data
  • afterwards data was entered manually into Excel and then copied in other programmes for further analysis
  • everytime something was moved manually, the rest had to be countersigned adding more hours to each project 

Off-the-shelf solutions proved to be inflexible and unadaptable to the laboratory’s requirements for process development. Scifeon’s agile implementation allows to overcome that.

Big wins with Scifeon:

  • replace Excel files with centralized data storage
  • enable powerful analytics and visualization
  • facilitate better workflows
  • achieve dramatic time savings
  • improve usability to ensure project success
  • perform automatic calculations

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