Chr. Hansen & KU

Metagenomics & Transcriptomics Data Management

Chr. Hansen & University of Copenhagen

Chr. Hansen and University of Copenhagen (KU) are developing the next generation of microbial solutions for agriculture in the Bac4Crop project, to which Scifeon is providing Data Management infrastructure for seamless analysis and collaboration

Stakeholders produce and analyze data, and the project saw the benefit from easy data integration and data sharing within one user friendly database.

  • Wanted to opt-out from manual data processing and lack of functionalities for data sharing

In only 4 weeks Scifeon and Bac4Crop members implemented the first stage solution, namely data management for plant sampling, transcriptomics, and bacterial profiling.

  • Easy upload of data
  • Automatic data integration (our model tailored to lab work)
  • Browsing integrated data and results
  • Traceability between all entities
  • Data sharing by user rights
  • Automated backup and audit trail
  • Training of Bac4Crop members in how to easily extend the scope of experiments and data by simple scripting

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