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Scifeon is a Software as a Service (SaaS) digital lab assistant that collects, organizes and securely stores your valuable research data for easier processing, better collaboration and faster results - giving you more time for science.


Scifeon was a founded in the spring of 2016 by Dr. Thomas Boesen with the goal of helping scientists to make the most of computers, data, and digital in promoting life science laboratory research.

Dr. Boesen originally trained as a biochemist, then spent his career focusing on digitalization of life science laboratories. This included a tenure at Danish biotech ACE Biosciences, several years as a consultant at Novozymes (now Novonesis) and finally three years at Novo Nordisk before founding Scifeon.



Thomas P. Boesen
Founder and CEO, Ph.D. in biochemistry
Background as senior informatics manager in
Novo Nordisk


Louise R. Skipper
Director of Operations, M.Sc.
Background as project manager in Systematic Software Engineering


Jakob J. Boysen
Platform Lead, M.Sc.
Background as senior scientist in
Novo Nordisk

Our approach

Designed to help scientists

Scifeon is all about providing scientists with better informatics on a day-to-day basis. It is the next generation of research data management software specifically developed for scientists by scientists.

Scifeon is quite simply developed to fit the needs and requirements of the end-users by having four essential elements imbedded in its software DNA.

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Meet the team

Thomas P. Boesen, Ph.D.

Founder & CEO

Louise Skipper, M.Sc.

Sr. Project Manager

Jakob. J. Boysen, M.Sc.

Platform Lead

Asger Kjeldsen, B.Sc

Jr. Software Engineer

Philip Bocayes Ørnskov, B.Sc.

Jr.Software Engineer

Sabine A. Irbe, B.Sc.

Sales Development Representative

Joana Olivé Mas, M.Sc.

Sales Development Representative

Laura Machado, M.Sc.

Sales Development Representative

Julius Buchardt, M.Sc

Sales Consultant

Lena Egede, M.Sc.

UX Consultant

Board of Directors

Michael Kock

Chairman of the board

Hanne R. Romedahl

Board member

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