Catalyst Biosciences

Streamlining collaboration between multi-site locations

Catalyst Biosciences

Catalyst Biosciences uses the Scifeon platform in their R&D operations to keep track of their growing amounts of research data.

Catalyst Biosciences, research and clinical development biopharmaceutical company based in San Francisco was using Excel to manage their data. They wanted to

  • find a solution with a data repository function
  • replace the Excel files which kept increasing in size and not syncing the data
  • facilitate collaboration between sites in multiple locations

The company implemented Scifeon as its R&D laboratory information management system (LIMS). Additionally Scifeon provides highly useful electronic lab notebook (ELN). That enabled Catalyst Biosciences to:

  • have customized LIMS for recording data in a project-specific way
  • access real-time data
  • streamline workflow management
  • accelerate collaboration between sites and external partners

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