Covid-19 Research Consortium

The EU IMI-Care Project

SCIFEON chosen as the Scientific Data Management Platform for the largest EU Covid-19 research project

Danish software startup SCIFEON will help researchers at the World’s largest pharmaceutical companies and Europe’s leading universities to develop a treatment for the Corona virus.

SCIFEON participates in the IMI-CARE (Innovative Medicines Initiative, Corona Accelerated Research) project. The initiative is invested in equal amounts from The European Commission and the pharmaceutical industry.

The budget is €72 million euros and the goal is to provide both a treatment for the current and possibly future corona viruses. – I am happy, proud and excited! We are now in the process of organizing the data-sharing between more than 30 project partners, says Thomas P. Boesen.

SCIFEON consists of a database with an intuitive user interface, where researchers can build up elements they know from their laboratories, thus avoiding the tedious use of paper and spreadsheets, intended for a rigorous accounting world that is far from the researchers’ unpredictable everyday life.

Flexibility is the foundation of our system, which is built by researchers for researchers, explains Thomas P. Boesen.

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