Genetic Engineering Customer

Genetic Engineering & Fermentation Data Management

Genetic Engineering Customer

Fermentation and screening of polysaccharides from bacteria in a digitalized lab powered by Scifeon

This customer desired lab digitalization:

  • Workflow & Data Management to replace manual processes and Excel
  • Activities for genetic engineer was manual and cumbersome
  • Lack of data integration for fermentation data, including online and offline data (lab results)

This customer replaced several very complex Excel templates and elaborate manual data processing with a customized Scifeon system:

  • Genetic engineering workflows, incl. Strain and BioBrick construction
  • ELN that captures data from experiment in a structured fashion
  • Planning of fermentations and sampling
  • Request of sample analysis and tracking
  • Easy upload of online and offline data
  • Visualization of integrated data related to fermentations
  • Support use of iPads in labs to register sampling and data

Fermentation Data Management

Scifeon is the digitilisation of your lab. In the video below you can see how Scifeon is used for fermentation data management

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