We provide scientists with better informatics.

We founded Scifeon™ in the spring of 2016, because we wanted computers to be much better at helping scientists in their research.

Instead of wasting precious time on manual data processing, or losing valuable research data in countless and convoluted Excel files, or struggling with insufficient support for laboratory automation, we want to give scientists better informatics by providing them with the next generation of research data management software.

In short, we want scientists to have a better, more flexible, adaptable and agile informatics support that can take them and their research to the next level.

We create software for scientists – by scientists.


We are a Danish company that delivers software to laboratories and research organizations in the pharma- and biotech industries, as well as in CROs and academia.

We have pharmaceutical research backgrounds and have experience from both software development and laboratory research.

Thomas P. Boesen


Biochemist, Ph.D. & Software Engineer

E-mail: boesen@scifeon.com

Jakob Jakobsen Boysen

Platform Lead

M.Sc. Software Engineering

E-mail: boysen@scifeon.com

Martin Asser Hansen

Principal Scientist

Biochemist, Ph.D. & Software Engineer

E-mail: asser@scifeon.com

German Kudrjavtsev

Software Engineer

B.Sc. Info Technology & Info Communication Technology Engineer

E-mail: kudrjavtsev@scifeon.com

Christina Steinhauer

Student Developer

Student, Software Development, ITU

Thomas Träff

Student Developer

Student, Computer Science, KU

Asger Kjeldsen

Student Developer

Student, Computer Science, KU


Troels Bierman Mortensen


Entrepreneur, executive and business angel. CEO and Founder, DataFair

Hanne Risager Romedahl

Chief Scientific Officer, Idogen

Casper Bøgeholt Andersen

Sales Director at Nordcloud Denmark

Thomas P. Boesen

Founder, Scifeon


Karsten Møller

Managing Director, EasySearch

Michael Kock

Founder and Chairman, EasySearch

Nikolai Andersen

Head of Payment Systems, SDC