ELN – Electronic Lab Notebook

Scifeon offers a highly configurable electronic laboratory notebook (ELN) that can help you to digitally transform your laboratory workflows.

What is an Electronic Lab Notebook?

  • Scifeons ELN can be used for planning and execution activities in your labs and create records of the work being done in your labs as well as the results and measurements that you compile.
  • With a digital ELN that replaces paper notebooks or Excel files, you will greatly increase the value of your laboratory results by making it available and searchable to the right people in your organization.

LIMS integrated into the Electronic lab notebook

Scifeons ELN combines a workflow aware ELN with a LIMS (laboratory information management system) that enables you to manage samples, instruments and other laboratory artefacts as weill as collecting measurements and metadata in a fully 21 CFR Part 11 compliant manner.

Agile implementation and customization

  • Scifeons ELN works out of the box and enables you lab to immediately start harvesting the benefits of digitalization in your labs.
  • As you digitalization journey unfolds and your teams learns that specific digital details of you labs and processes, you can implement your specific knowhow and expertise in your digital solution by customizing Scifeons ELN to perfectly match your lab.
  • Scifeon is customizated in an agile fashion that combines the learnings of you team in a way to make sure your team will actuallt you the software, this minimizing the risk of implementing and continuously improving you ELN.

Streamlined and efficient

Scifeons ELN supports your laboratory processes with management of standard operating procedures (SOPs) as building blocks for your laboratory records.

ELN - Electronic Lab notebook

Functions of our Electronic Lab Notebook system


  • Sample management
  • Result collection.
  • Compound management
  • Inventory
  • Instrument


  • Free text records
  • Digital records: 21 CFR Part 11 records.
  • Workflow management
  • Procedure management with version control

Thomas P. Boesen

Biochemist, Ph.D.

Founder & CEO, Scifeon

About Scifeon

Scifeon is a Software as a Service (SaaS) digital lab assistant that collects, organizes and securely stores your valuable research data for easier processing, better collaboration and faster results – giving you more time for science.


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