Covid-19 Research Consortium The EU IMI-Care Project SCIFEON chosen as the Scientific Data Management Platform for the largest EU Covid-19 research project Danish software startup SCIFEON will help researchers at the World’s largest pharmaceutical companies and Europe’s leading universities to … Read More

Chr. Hansen & KU

Metagenomics & Transcriptomics Data Management Chr. Hansen & University of Copenhagen Chr. Hansen and University of Copenhagen (KU) are developing the next generation of microbial solutions for agriculture in the Bac4Crop project, to which Scifeon is providing Data Management infrastructure … Read More


Genetic Engineering & Fermentation Data Management Glycom Fermentation and screening of polysaccharides from bacteria in a digitalized lab powered by Scifeon Glycom desired lab digitalization: Workflow & Data Management to replace manual processes and Excel Activities for genetic engineer was … Read More


Fermentation Data Management Biosyntia Biosyntia implements Scifeon in their molecular biology, fermentation and chemistry departments Scifeon replaces several complex Excel templates that suffered from the typical pains of file-based solutions: Existing ELN and Data Management was not flexible enough Lack … Read More


Chromatography & Spectrometry MS-Omics Scifeon continues to deliver next-generation scientific research data management for GC/MS and LC/MS MS-Omics is a service provider of metabolomics and data analysis. They carry out advanced data analysis for scientific customers internationally and specialize in … Read More