ELN & LIMS software: Streamline Lab Workflows

ELN & LIMS Software: Streamline Your Lab Workflows with Electronic Lab Notebook & Lab Information Management System

Manage Data with Structure and Ease

Getting data is one thing but storing and analyzing it – completely different. The efforts spent on it drive up the costs of data analysis and slow down your lab capacity. When scientists are busy functioning as manual adaptors putting data from one system to another, you are wasting valuable research time and missing out on easily adaptable tools like ELN & LIMS that streamline lab workflows. That is why data should be easily captured and stored in accordance to FAIR principles – Findable, Accessible, Interoperable and Reusable. All good things, but not every ELN and LIMS solution can offer that. The right platform will let your scientists manage data in an easy and convenient way while keeping it structured and ready for analysis.

ELN & LIMS: Streamline Workflows with Tailored Solutions

It would be too easy if all laboratories could use off-the-shelf software. Each laboratory has unique workflows and systems have to accommodate it. Even though it is good to have a base platform with some general funcionality, it should have some room for flexibility so each scientist can configure the digital environment for their specific workflow requirements. Some customization or tailoring is unavoidable if you want to enhance your lab capacity and improve collaboration. ELN and LIMS should streamline workflows, not make them more complicated.

Maximize Efficiency with ELN and LIMS Integration

Have you heard about paper-on-glass ELN? The idea is to mimick the old way of taking notes on paper (so familiar to everyone in science) but in the digital environment. Unfortunately, that is well-intentioned but misguided approach. ELNs built on this kind of model result in being dead-end data dumps. And as with everything – single solution is better, so for maximized efficiency the systems should be linked together: for example ELN should be directly integrated with LIMS for maximum enhanced data organization.

See How Our Solution Helped Others

There are some companies that have already recognized the value in Scifeon’s approach to efficient data management. You can read more about the solution and also access a free whitepaper about one of our biggest clients AGC Biologics – leading global Contract Development and Manufacturing Organization (CDMO), providing development and manufacture of mammalian and microbial-based therapeutic proteins. Or if you are tackling fermentation workflows, feel free to learn about another client of ours – biomanufacturing and research company, Biosyntia. Other solutions you can find here.


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