Scifeon: The Fully Flexible and Customizable Research Data Management System

Interest in the options for handling research data with software seems to follow the same trajectory as the amount of data generated by life science research laboratories. In other words, it’s skyrocketing. In a recent webinar, Scifeon founder and CEO, Thomas Boesen, offered some valuable advice for research laboratories wanting to maximize the value of their research data by digitalizing their research data management. Making the right choice of system is key if you don’t want your scientists to stick to paper notebooks or ExAs the amount of data generated by life science research laboratories continues to skyrocket, research organizations increasingly look to invest in software solutions to handle their Research Data Management. With Scifeon, we have developed a system that offers end to end integration of datasets, automatic data capture at all points, and more importantly: The flexibility to be fully customizable to your research organization’s workflows.

The Scifeon System

As experiments move from planning through lab work to analysis, data such as constructs, metadata, results, notes and conclusions start building up at every stage. And because scientific research is an iterative process, new data from following experiments will soon start adding to the pile, causing further pain for the persons in charge of keeping track – and making sense – of it all. That’s where Scifeon enters the equation.

Automated data collection and aggregation, centralized storage, automatic calculations, powerful analytics, and informative visualizations are all part of the feature mix available with Scifeon. Alone or together, these features offer dramatic time savings for your most expensive employees – your scientific staff. With Scifeon, scientists gain the ability to analyze data across experiments, dramatically increasing the value of your research data.

’Flexibility and customization are key. Make sure you don’t end up with a system that is perfect for all other research organizations but your own.’

Thomas Boesen, Founder and CEO, Scifeon.

Designed for the perfect fit

Your organization’s scientific output will benefit in many ways from Scifeon’s advanced data management system. The platform can be customized exactly to your research lab’s processes, from planning to experiments and scientific analysis. Implementation and customization can be carried out in close collaboration between Scifeon’s science and software engineering specialists and your organization. Or your scientific staff can choose to handle the implementation themselves.

In brief, Scifeon offers a number of important advantages:

  • Flexible and fully customizable to your workflows
  • Powerful analytics and visualization
  • Dramatic time savings
  • Automatic calculations
  • Centralized storage of research data
  • Better laboratory workflows

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