Optimize your laboratory workflows

Our guide to: 

  • Optimize your laboratory digitally
  • Support collaboration in the laboratory
  • Choosing  Scientist-friendly Software
  •  Ensure the best data and knowledge sharing across departments

Scifeon functionality

Workflow management

Scifeon coordinates up- and downstream activities, and helps manage orders and changing workflows on a daily basis by improving project communication and traceability

Laboratory work

Scifeon supports scientific lab work by managing plates, animals, instruments, sample logistics including barcode support, storage management and transfer in an easily accessible database

Results management

Scifeon captures your data and provides proper linking to the experiment setup. Scifeon also handles your data processing by turning instrument output into useful results, and includes curve fitting and other statistical analysis

Analysis & Reporting

Scifeon reports results back to you and provides you with an updated overview of all experimental results from your project, as well as enables you to draw on results from previous or concurrent projects in your team to give you a more comprehensive analysis

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