Word from our CEO: It’s not Rocket Science

“Scifeon is the software platform that helps you digitalize your research processes and lab work”

The guiding vision for Scifeon is to create software that supports scientists through all phases of their research projects.

By automatically collecting, organizing and storing research data in a cloud database, Scifeon enables easier data processing, better collaboration and faster results.

Designed by scientists for scientists, Scifeon products adapt to your lab routines and requirements, seamlessly tying together your lab or biomanufacturing setup and giving you more time for science.

With Scifeon, it’s finally possible to truly digitalize your research department.

It’s not rocket science – it is science made smarter!


  • A scientist-friendly software platform for digitalizing your life science laboratory
  • Say goodbye to data bottlenecks and hello to a new era of collaboration
  • Fully customizable to your lab routines to ensure successful implementation and efficient utilization of all benefits
  • Increases lab productivity by eliminating error-prone, manual data processing
  • Ensures data integrity, quality and traceability


A cloud-based solution, Scifeon is scalable, easy to get started with, low-maintenance and already in use with organizations like Bavarian Nordic, Biosyntia and Glycom. Built on a Microsoft technology stack, Scifeon is secure, stable and transparent.

Dr. Thomas Boesen
Founder & CEO, Scifeon

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