AGC Biologics and Scifeon

Est. reading time: 5 minutes “There’s a lot of life science thinking built into the Scifeon platform. We don’t have to adapt our workflows to the system. We can adapt the system to our workflows.” … Read More

Using Agile Principles For Implementing Customisable Workflow & Collaboration Software In The Life Science Research Laboratory

Est. reading time: 6 minutes ”By using an agile approach, we accelerate the implementation of the complete system and, at the same time, obtain more satisfied users.” … Read More

Biosyntia and Scifeon

Est. reading time: 4 minutes “When I did data processing before we had Scifeon, I ended up having 20 different Excel sheets open, and that made my computer crash. Scifeon has put an end to that.” … Read More

Scifeon – Customisable Workflow & Collaboration Software

Est. reading time: 7 minutes ”The Scifeon approach is innovative and different from the mainstream LIMS and ELN offerings. Embracing the need for user-performed project-level customisations is the north star for the company’s development efforts” … Read More

Catalyst Biosciences and Scifeon

Est. reading time: 4 minutes “We’re not a typical pharmaceutical or biologics company (..). So being able to customize the LIMS to make the protease the focal point was very important to us,” … Read More