Should Your ELN Just Be A User Interface To Your LIMS?

Est. reading time: 5 minutes ”The classic ELN is a bane of scientific research and development .. Scifeon has built our ELN the other way around. The Scifeon system is an integrated solution comprising ELN, LIMS, Bioregistry and Workflow with the ELN acting as the main user interface..” … Read More

AGC Biologics and Scifeon

Est. reading time: 5 minutes “There’s a lot of life science thinking built into the Scifeon platform. We don’t have to adapt our workflows to the system. We can adapt the system to our workflows.” … Read More

Using Agile Principles For Implementing Customisable Workflow & Collaboration Software In The Life Science Research Laboratory

Est. reading time: 6 minutes ”By using an agile approach, we accelerate the implementation of the complete system and, at the same time, obtain more satisfied users.” … Read More

Biosyntia and Scifeon

Est. reading time: 4 minutes “When I did data processing before we had Scifeon, I ended up having 20 different Excel sheets open, and that made my computer crash. Scifeon has put an end to that.” … Read More

Scifeon – Customisable Workflow & Collaboration Software

Est. reading time: 7 minutes ”The Scifeon approach is innovative and different from the mainstream LIMS and ELN offerings. Embracing the need for user-performed project-level customisations is the north star for the company’s development efforts” … Read More